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The sound proofing of a entrance door

According to the location of your house you won't have the same acoustic insulation needs. Bel'M can guide you to choose the insulating front door that best suits you.

Sound insulation at Bel'M


With housing getting denser in cities, and the expanding road network, we want to provide you with the maximum comfort in your home. 

Like other components making up a house the front door contribute to its sound proofing and your wellness. The regulations in force do not set accoustic performance level. But Bel'M wants to offer increasingly efficient products and includes , among other things , this criterion when the creation of new models.

Some of our doors reach level AC1 (sound attenuation R (a,tr) >= 28dB). You can see the performance level of certain models in the product sheet and use the following table to choose the entrance door that suits you.

Additionally, Bel'M offers you models eligible for grants in airport zones for houses located in zone 3 (the construction zone nearest the airport). For a standard dimension of H2150 x L900 sound insulation is Ra = 35dB.

These front doors are identified on our website with this symbol : 

The relevant entrance doors:

Aluminium : Arapao, Hekina, Mavoko, Kigali, Tilia, Tokyo, Natori, Nagoya and Lotus

Bois : Anteren, Avoriaz, Canelle, Castellane, Ceylan, Comores, Corse, Coutances, Dénia, Djerba, Esquisse, Fréhel, Glénan, Graphite, Langudeoc, Lannilis, Majorque, Margaux, Montmartre et Montparnasse.

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